Walmart cashier, 82, retires after TikTok users raise $100,000

An 82-year-old war veteran in the USA has been given the gift of retirement thanks to the goodwill of others.

Warren Marion, from Cumberland, Maryland, received a cheque worth £89,000 thanks to online donations setup by Rory McCarty, a small business owner.

McCarty said he saw a similar success story on TikTok, where another 82-year-old retail worker was able to retire thanks to a viral video and an online fundraiser. After meeting Warren at a local Walmart, McCarty said he "was astounded seeing this little older man still grinding, working eight to nine hour shifts."

McCarty set up a GoFundMe campaign for Warren and met the fundraising goal within days.

Warren had his last day on the job early in January after giving his two weeks' notice.

"All I can tell you is the good Lord has blessed me for what I did in my younger years," Warren told news media.

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