83 year-old Japanese man becomes oldest to sail solo across Pacific

Feel Good Story

June 17, 2022

Ever feel like you want to pack everything up, turn off your phone and get out of civilisation for a while?

The ultimate solitude is a dream for many. But 83 year-old Kenichi Horie achieved that and more recently. Known as Japan's most famous yachtsman, Horie recently made it to Japan after setting sail from California - entirely on his own.

After being at sea for more than two months, Horie has become the oldest person in the world to sail across the Pacific entirely on his own.

Though some people around Horie had concerns about the trip due to his age, he seemed confident before he departed: "I’m always fine, always in shape ... No overeating, no over-drinking."

"I had the confidence that I would make it – I just wanted to take on the challenge".

Horie later want on to say that completing the solo sail was one of his life goals, and urged others to follow suit: “Don’t let your dreams just stay as dreams. Have a goal and work towards achieving this and a beautiful life awaits.” We should all heed Kenichi's words.

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