Girl born with no arms gets her drivers license by steering with her feet

Feel Good Story

August 18, 2022

Emily Rowley, from Tampa Bay, Florida, was born with microgastria, a rare limb reduction defect with less than 60 documented cases according to the National Institute of Health. This means she was, unfortunately, born without any arms.

Growing up, where other kids might have felt up against adversity or singled out for such a condition, Emily was able to adapt quickly and make it one of her strengths.

"I didn’t feel different. In kindergarten, the other kids are painting and I’m painting too," said Emily. "I never questioned it."

Emily has been able to grow a huge following on TikTok, over 140,000 followers and counting. Her videos often show Emily going about her daily life - shopping, parking the car, doing some work in the kitchen - and they've gone down a storm.

The posts have started to build a level of controversy, however. Many of the comments on videos of Emily driving her car using her feet question whether that's a legal way of driving, or whether it even should be. Emily can only respond exactly how she should: by showing her official drivers license to all those who doubt her.

More recently, Emily has said she wants to show more of the difficulties of her everyday life, such as dropping a bowl of food or getting her dad to give her a haircut.

Sounds like a hugely refreshing amount of honesty to see on social media.

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