Dad drops 79 pounds to donate kidney to son

Hunter Kablutsiak was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease in 2020. According to his father, Daniel, Hunter has been taking around 10 pills a day to get by. Understandably, they're taking a toll.

"That drains his energy easily compared to normal teenager," Daniel said.

The option of a new kidney would be a game-changer for Hunter. Daniel was prime candidate to be a donor, yet the doctors deemed him to be overweight. In order to donate, he had to get his weight under 200 pounds.

With some grit and determination, Daniel got to work. He focused primarily on diet and exercise. He cut back on sugar, and walked at least five kilometres every day. When the weather was too cold, he'd get his exercise in at the gym. "I was determined. I really love him, and I put my mind into it — 'I'm going to do it."Amazingly, Daniel was able to get his weight down to 195lb in March of this year. The transplant is scheduled for June.

Asked how he was able to stick to his strict regime, Daniel put the credit to "determination, love, and I guess stubbornness."

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