California bank robbery halted with a hug

69-year-old Michael Armus Sr. found himself unexpectedly thrust into the role of a hero when he walked into his local bank recently.

At Armus' arrival, a man named Eduardo Placensia approached the bank staff, discreetly passing a note filled with demands. Claiming to possess explosives, Placensia demanded money.

By a stroke of luck, Armus recognized Placensia as a former neighbor and a close friend of his daughter. With a mixture of concern, empathy and an instinct to help, Armus approached Placensia, asking about his troubles and the reasons behind his robbery. Placensia responded, "There's nothing in this town for me. Nothing in this town for me. I just want to go to prison."

Armus took it upon himself to guide Placensia outside the bank, where they talked more about Placensia's predicament. Eventually, the two came together to hug it out, shortly before the police arrived at the scene. Placensia was found to be unarmed.

When later asked about his ordeal, Armus simply replied, "it was meant for me to be here."

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