Stuck in traffic, doctor runs 3km to perform operation on time

Picture the scene: you're backed up in traffic, surrounded on all sides by idling cars, heat of the engine starting to close in on you, and all you can see for what seems like miles ahead is a long, stationary queue.

As much as you might want to grab the keys and run for the hills, the truth is it'd take an awful lot to get you out of the car. Right?

Not for one doctor in Bangalore. Dr Govind Nandakumar was on his way to Manipal Hospital, Sarjapur, to perform gallbladder surgery. As he approached his destination, he noticed he was slowing to a crawl with the amount of cars on the roads - and that he was going to be horribly late for his appointment.

"The last stretch usually takes 10 minutes" said Dr Nandakumar. "I was stuck in the traffic, getting nervous about being late. I checked Google Maps which showed that it will take another 45 minutes."

His solution? Dr Nandakumar decided to abandon the car and run the rest of the journey on foot.

"It was easy for me to run because I gym regularly.  I ran three km to hospital, and was in time for the surgery, ”said Dr Nandakumar.

I certainly haven't ever been tempted to run to the office for a 9am start if I'm stuck in traffic, but I slaute Dr Nandakumar - and his gym routine - all the same!

Oh, and if you were worried about the car, don't worry. "“I have a driver," said Dr Nandakumar, "so, I was able to leave the car behind."

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