After being asked to remove a young boy mowing lawns trying to save for a PS5, police officers chip in and buy him one

Not all emergency police calls result in arrests. Some aren't even actual disturbances.

Officers in the City of Hapeville, Georgia, were called to an address by neighbours who wanted a young boy removed from the area.

It turns out, when they arrived, that the young boy was merely asking neighbours if he could do some work on their gardens for money. Mowing hedges, cutting grass and pulling weeds might have raised enough cash for the young boy to purchase a PlayStation 5.

Police officers say that, when confronted, the young boy was "polite, respectful and truthful".

Dismayed at the nature of the call, the officers decided to help the boy on his journey. Some days later, the police force had chipped together and were able to gift the boy his very own PlayStation 5 plus a gift card to pay for his online membership.

In an official statement, the City of Hapeville police Department said "Officer Colleran made sure that this young man knew they would play on the same team online soon!"

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