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Get to know and grow the wellbeing of your team.

Workplace wellbeing solutions to skyrocket physical activity, healthy minds, clean living, better sleep and most of all boost your wellbeing culture.

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I’ve really liked all of the Lunebase Challenges! The water one made me feel absolutely fantastic all the time - I really can’t stress enough how amazing I felt when I started hydrating properly.

Fiona Frank, Director

Green Elephant Co-operative

Wellbeing Challenges

30-Day Wellbeing Challenges

Monthly Rewards

Science-backed Microlearning

SOS Area

SOS Area for tailored support


Real-time Insights

Medically Approved

Medically Approved

Evidence Base

Transparent Evidence Base

The All-In-One Workplace Wellbeing Toolkit.

Launch in style.

Everything you need to get your workplace wellbeing campaign off the ground and get everyone involved.

Launch in style
Develop using Wellbeing Challenges

Develop using Wellbeing Challenges.

Give your team access to a library of Wellbeing Challenges designed to make building healthier habits fun and social.

Learn with our bitesize animations.

Fed up with boring wellbeing content? Use our short animations to give tips and advice throughout each wellbeing challenge.

Learn with our bitesize animations.
Measure the impact

Measure the impact.

See real-time insights so you can measure your teams progress and take action.

S.O.S Area for those in need.

Access our dedicated area for people in their time of need – breaking barriers to early help and providing tailored support.

S.O.S Area for those in need
Proud members of the Zero Suicide Alliance

Proud members of the Zero Suicide Alliance

Medically Approved

Medically Approved for peace of mind.

All content is developed and curated in house with the medical seal of approval. So you know your team is only getting clinically sound support.

See the platform in action.

Book in a quick demo and see if it’s right for your team.

Meet The Founders

Aaron Kara

Co-founder and CEO

Dr Tom Jamieson

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer


Can I use this in my workplace?

Yes – Lunebase is designed with the workplace and teams in mind. If you’d like to trial it in your workplace just fill in the form below to request access.

How much does it cost?

We are a low-cost monthly subscription service. Get in touch for a quote for your company.

Can I trial it first?

Yes of course. We offer a free trial without any commitment so you can see if Lunebase is right for your company.

Is there any supporting evidence?

All of our data, statements and health and wellbeing advice is grounded in science. We research a comprehensive evidence base and openly publish it along with all of our material. We utilise the scientific principles underpinning habit formation and incorporate rewards and social gamification to help improve wellbeing in your workplace.

All the basics included.

Safe and Secure

GDPR Compliant

Anonymised Data

Get to know and grow the wellbeing of your team.

Book in a quick demo and see if it’s right for your team.

“Why the name Lunebase?”

A ‘Lunar base’ is designed to house explorers on long-stay missions to the moon.

It’s the central community for people looking to make progress happen.

A Lunebase would host all the tools, resources and guides that the team needed for the journey.

A place where support is available at the push of a button.

Lunebase is there to help adapt to a rapidly changing world and ultra-stressful conditions.