small studio.
big ideas.

We’re a small team of animators, writers, audio engineers, designers, programmers and learning architects.

"Our Office is 100% powered by renewables from the River Lune.
So now you can launch learning that’s great for your team and kind to the planet."

Meet Our team

Aaron Kara
Co-founder & Creative Director
the design nerd
Dr Tom Jamieson
Co-founder & Learning Architect
The Science Fan
Carl Thomas
Video & Audio Engineer
the cable guy
Andy Porter
Communications Executive
the Wordsmith
Fay Kara
the keeper of the books
Frankie Jamieson
Web Designer
PixelPurpose Lead

Our Studio

our core values

In Science We Trust.
This is at the heart of everything we build. Evidence-based content. Where science meets creativity. Producing next-gen content your learners will love.
We keep it Lean and Green!
‘Lean’ because we believe in Less, But Better. Online learning is unnecessarily bloated and padded out. We trim the fat. And keep chipping away until we’re only left with the essential. 
‘Green’ because we’re a small carbon conscious team - powered 100% by the River Lune - making products that are great for your team and kind to the planet. 
We scratch our own itch.
We solve real world problems. We produce content we would love to watch and microlearning we would love to play. We include storytelling, gamification and humour because nobody should be forced to sit through boring e-learning.
Play & Discovery.
Approaching every subject with child-like curiosity. Constantly learning. Making digital learning genuinely fun using storytelling and game principles.
Everybody needs a win.
We strongly believe it has to be win-win-win for everybody involved. Or it’s no deal. From the L&D Manager purchasing the packages to the learner sat watching the content. From our partner resellers to our suppliers. Win-win-win.
We embrace wabi-sabi 侘寂
We prefer the craftsmanship approach over the mass-produced. Proud of the imperfections, rough around the edges, it’s got our fingerprints all over it. That’s what makes our work unique.

We’ve worked with some amazing clients.

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