Anonymous man wins 200 million Euros in lottery, donates almost all of it to saving the Earth

What would you do with €200,000,000?

Put half into savings, give away a few million each to friends and family, split the rest on a new car...

That's a typical answer you might hear from someone if they were to find themselves with a winning ticket. But one anonymous Frenchman went against all expectations earlier this month when he donated almost all of his winnings to charitable causes.

The man used a large portion of his winnings to establish the Anyama Endowment Fund, which aims to protect and revitalise rainforests, fund the preservation and regeneration of biodiversity and support family caregivers across West Africa.

The winner is only known to be a retiree who lives in the south of France, who played the Euromillions during large jackpots with the sole purpose of establishing his foundation if he won.

The €200 million jackpot was the second-largest in the lottery's history.

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