Man who couldn't write until 18 become Cambridge's youngest black professor

It's a sad fact of life that not all of us are born under the same lucky circumstances.

This was especially true of Jason Arday, from Clapham, who was diagnosed with autism and global development delay when he was young. This meant Jason was unable to speak until the age of 11, and unable to read or write until the age of 18.

"I remember thinking if I don't make it as a football player or a professional snooker player, then I want to save the world," he said.

With the aid of his devoted mother, he exposed him to wide-ranging music and popular culture, Jason was able to develop his confidence, language and communications skills.

In his late teens, Jason began to read and write - before earning his undergraduate degree in Physical Education and Education Studies from the University of Surrey.

It wasn't long before Jason become interested in postgraduate study, and he went on to earn two masters qualifications and a PhD in educational studies.

Now at age 37, Jason is poised to become professor of sociology of education at Cambridge. With five black professors currently serving at the university, Jason is set to become the youngest black professor at Cambridge.

A true testament to anyone's ability to make the most of their difficult circumstances!

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