How to Manifest Growth through Loss: Coping Strategies for Dealing with Grief

"It seems to me that the common agent that binds us all together is loss, and so the point in life must be measured in relation to that loss."

So says Nick Cave, in a recent post on his website titled "What is the point of life?".

Loss can take many forms, from the loss of a loved one to the loss of a job or health. In times of grief, it's essential to allow yourself to feel and not inhibit your emotions through other activities or dependencies.

Here are some coping strategies for dealing with grief:

1.    Allow yourself to feel. A simple, but important one. Don't be afraid to display your emotions as they appear - and try not to inhibit themthrough other activities or dependencies.

2.    Be prepared for reminders. Especially following the loss of a loved one, you may come across things that remind you of them - even, for instance, a happy and smiling couple. While you can't plan for these reminders, you can plan for how to deal with them.

3.    Be prepared for up and downs. A common misconception is that grief comes in stages. The truth is that these stages aren't linear - and you may go forward a couple of stages before feeling like you're back at square one. Like a rollercoaster, the best thing to do is hold on and go with the ride.

4.    Seek support. Dealing with loss can be one of the most difficult thing a person goes through. There's no shame in asking for help and support from a friend or family member when you need it - and don't be afraid to put other people's needs to one side in order to prioritise your own.

Dealing with loss can be challenging, and it's crucial to ask for help and support from friends or family when needed. During difficult periods of national and international mourning, we can lean on each other for mutual support, find opportunities to be kind to one another, and eventually move towards celebration, freedom, and remembrance.

Or, in the words of Nick Cave:

"Despite our collective state of loss, and our potential for evil, there exists a great network of goodness, knitted together by countless everyday human kindnesses."

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