The Power of Journaling

It’s the early 1990’s. Acid-wash denim and Bryan Adams are all the rage.

With fashion and music thriving, though, not all is well. A jump in oil prices and high interest rates trigger a recession across most Western economies.

Along with any recession comes job losses. And a group of 40 engineers who had been working for twenty years with their company found themselves unexpectedly laid-off.

As part of the redundancy, they were offered a support programme to help get them back to work. Amazingly, one of the randomly assigned interventions proved to more than double their chances of returning to full-time work within a few months.

What was the support, I hear you ask? A massive job-search workshop? Or some serious skills training? Wrong… it was, in fact, the simple process of the jobseekers keeping a daily journal of their thoughts and emotions.

Though it was painful at first to write about having the rug swept from underneath them, as time went on they were better able to process their journey. While the participants realised they had no control over being let go, journaling became a tool to help control their response.

And by controlling their response to the situation they found themselves in, they found they could control their actions to mould the future – including landing a new job.

With many of us having suffered our own career-based uncertainties and job losses since the beginning of 2020, journaling can be the powerful tool many need to navigate the uncertain waters. But it doesn’t stop there – the benefits of journaling can applied to any difficulty we face in day-to-day life.

The benefits don’t necessarily have to hinge on difficulties either. Journaling can be just as powerful a tool to help reflect on the positives that we might otherwise be overlooking.

Want to try it for yourself? We recommend The Five Minute Journal – though any old notebook will do!

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