Re-emerging with resilience

As Forrest Gump once said:
“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

After all, like a neatly wrapped box of treats, life is a gift. At some point along the way things are bound to go in your favour, like picking up a soft truffle or caramel barrel.

However, what’s also guaranteed in life is that we will all, at some point, encounter adversity, tragedy and other significant sources of stress – just like that surprise Turkish delight.

Adapting well in the face of life’s challenges is what psychologists call ‘resilience’.

By becoming more resilient, you’ll not only be better prepared to deal with difficult circumstances when they some your way, you’ll also be empowered to grow and improve your life when things aren’t going so bad.

The global pandemic has brought with it its own share of traumas, from the universal to the intensely personal.

As we slowly emerge out of lockdown and other hardships brought on by COVID-19, it’s worth thinking about how resilient we’ve been, and how we can take this resilience with us into the future.

By focusing on the four core components of resilience (connection, wellness, healthy thinking, and meaning), you can learn to not only withstand difficult and traumatic experiences, but use them as fuel for your own growth and learning — especially important as we return to a ‘semblance of normality’.

Try some of these strategies from the American Psychological Association to increase your capacity for resilience…

…and maybe those Turkish Delights won’t taste so bad after all 🍫

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