Using pop culture for inspiration

If you’re anything like me, you’ll often need a healthy dose of inspiration to start down a positive path.

Just one look at my new years resolution list shows where I’m being most influenced. Whether it’s the motivation I need stop spending so much time on my phone, or push myself around the skate bowl, it’s often parts of modern pop culture that have the ability to affect, and inspire, each of us.

When we’re learning new skills, or trying to motivate others, we can use pop culture to help inspire, or even act as a framework to hang the take-home points on.

Take one of the greatest TV adverts of all time: the iconic Guinness horses. With a bit of parody, we managed to turn it into a motivational animation for a step-it-up wellbeing campaign, designed to help encourage workplace teams during a 30-day challenge to hit a target of 10,000 steps per day.

Pop culture is everywhere. Even though we may not love every part of pop culture, we are all at least comfortable with some parts of it.

By using experiences we are familiar with, and in alternate forms like a parody, we can make the intended outcome much more memorable, or even that gold standard – inspiring.

To once again use the Guinness campaign – good things come to those who inspire (and wait).

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