Finding happiness in hobbies

The past month at Lunebase HQ has brought with it a new hobby for one of our founders, Aaron. Keen to prove to his young sons that he’s still as young and hip as ever, Aaron’s been tearing up the streets on his new surfskate (actual footage of Aaron in action 👀).

What is a surfskate you might ask? Simply put, a surfskate is a skateboard for surfing the street. Surfskates use special trucks that enable riders to mimic the feel and flow of a surfboard.

Many of us would call leisure time one of the most important for our wellbeing. It gives us time to focus on something we enjoy, so that we can relax, refresh and recharge.

But what is it about taking up a hobby that makes it so exciting and beneficial?

The benefits of hobbies are well studied, and include:

  • Better physical health. People who scored higher on the enjoyable activities test had lower body mass index, smaller waists, lower blood pressure, lower stress  hormones and better overall physical function.
  • More sleep. While you may think that a hobby will take up too much of your leisure time or cut into your sleep, it’s proven to be the opposite, aiding in more positive and restful sleep.
  • Lower stress. Try crochet to cut the cortisol.
  • Happiness. People who often participate in activities they enjoy tend to have greater life satisfaction, and feel their lives have a greater sense of purpose and meaning.
  • More friends. Spending more time on hobbies and leisure pursuits was associated with having a larger and more diverse social network.

Creative outlets outside of work also make for improved performance in your day job. A study of 430 workers found that having a hobby gave workers a chance to recover from the demands of their jobs, increase their sense of control, and become better at creative problem-solving while working.

(Our tip: Don’t pick a hobby just because it will help you at work! Pick a hobby that makes you happy, any other improvements will be just a bonus.)

When was the last time you tried a new hobby? How about a surfskate?

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