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Tweet reconnects family with Bristol nurses who saved girl’s life

We’re often told that social media is making us more divisive, more prone to outrage, more unhappy. It’s easy to forget that through the thickets of arguments an annoyances, social media is ultimately a tool for people to connect with each other. And sometimes, a story comes through that shows the best qualities of social media in all their glory.

Martin Dorey dropped his daughter Maggie off at University for the first time in September – an emotional moment for any parent. However, Maggie’s arrival to her halls in Bristol was especially poignant, as the window overlooked a children’s hospital where she had spent 6 months from birth fighting through leukemia.

After tweeting a picture of Maggie’s arrival, Martin saw a deluge of emotional responses – including one from Charlotte Higby, a nurse who saved Maggie after she went into anaphylactic shock due to her chemotherapy treatment all those years ago.

The touching conversation became even more emotional when Martin revealed that he named his second daughter, Charlotte, after the very same nurse.

I’m not crying, you are…

Though the initial replies to the conversation have been hidden to preserve nurse Charlotte’s privacy, you can read the full story here.

Since the tweet’s popularity, Martin has asked those interested to donate to various charities that aid children with cancer. If you’re interested, you can do so here.

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