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Shall we take it slow and steady? Bride and groom choose pet tortoise to be their ringbearer

Walking down the aisle is a moment that everyone wants to savour. You might take it slow to let the magical moment sink in, or it could be a case of nerves setting in.

One couple in Arizona found their walk down the aisle to be the slowest in the world after choosing their pet tortoise Tom Shelleck to be their ringbearer.

Exotic animal veterinarians Ericka and Jay Johnson first met while surveying wild tortoises 20 years ago, and so felt it only right that the include their beloved pet Tom as part of the celebrations. They attached a floral basket to his shell, with their wedding rings placed inside.

To ensure that Tom didn’t go off-track, Ericka and Jay had the ingenious idea of lining the aisle with strawberries so he could find his way to the altar.

The couple estimate it took Tom around 3 minutes to make the walk down the aisle. Not bad at all… he must have been hungry 🍓

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