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Mapping the fictional world: One man’s lockdown project

Was yours baking? Maybe knitting? Did you take up running or even surfskating to stave off the lockdown boredom?

One man’s lockdown project potentially puts all the others to shame. Rhys B Davies, from Aberystwyth, used his time during COVID to complete an atlas of fictional places – marking everywhere from Gotham City to Hogwarts on a map of the fictional world.

Using a mix of locations from film, TV, books and games, Rhys managed to construct a map of the entire world using made-up place names.

Some, he says, were easy, such as the fictional village from Dibley from the Vicar of Dibley. Others, however, required a bit more guesswork. Rhys used clues from the Harry Potter books, filming locations, and even the stage play for hints as to where to locate the elusive Hogwarts within the Scottish Grampians.

Using some stunning artwork courtesy from his friend Matt Brown, Rhys’ book is now completed, showing in-depth maps of the continents across the world and descriptive information on the places themselves.

Part coffee-table book and part cheat sheet for a pub quiz, Rhys’ lockdown project is sure to go down a storm.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find the way to Springfield… 🥾

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