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British retiree becomes Twitter sensation through ‘Big Veg’ gardening

A lifelong gardener from Oxford has taken Twitter by storm for his incredible ‘big veg’, colourful outfits and all-round cheery outlook on life.

Gerald Stratford, 72, joined Twitter in early 2019, following some encouragement from his fellow gardeners, partner Elizabeth, and nephew Stephen.

Shortly into the first lockdown, Gerald’s incredibly-sized vegetables became a viral hit, with everything from his giant celery to crops of rocket leaves receiving thousands of comments, likes and retweets.

In fact, Gerald often seems to get as much love for his outfits as for his achievements in veg growing. In a recent tweet where he celebrated receiving his second COVID vaccination, many were quick to praise everything about Gerald’s outfit, from the cardigan to the veg-themed mask, and even the pins on his hat!

Gerald’s success isn’t just on the allotment, though, with his fame having led him to a collaborative project with Highsnobiety magazine for a new Gucci collection.

A prime example of doing what you love to find success… here’s to many more crops with Gerald 🌱

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