Feel Good Story

10 year-old diagnosed with rare eye disease that left him blind is now training for England

Mikey Poulli has been a football fan for as long as he can remember. He cheered for Arsenal from the stands played for his local club from the age of 5, with dreams of becoming a professional footballer.

This all turned upside down for Mikey after a routine eye test at age 6 revealed he had ‘Rod Cone Dystrophy’, a very rare, incurable eye disease that in most cases eventually leads to blindness.

By the end of the next season, Mikey’s vision had deteriorated to the extent that he was officially legally blind.

But despite the devastation for Mikey and his family, he was not deterred. Mikey attended sessions for Visually Impaired Football, where the specialist coaches immediately recognised his talent.

Mikey now trains with England, and videos of his incredible talent have gone viral online. His achievements are proof that adversity in any form can be overcome!

We’re looking forward to the day we can see Mikey help it coming home… ⚽